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The Making of an OBNUG T-Shirt Without Violating Boise State Copyright

Don't forget the churros!

Hello, Nuggies! Since I'm leaving on a "high adventure" with my son this week, I've just put together a quick article about the process behind making a design. Most of the time, it starts with an idea and a sketch pad, so that is where I began.

Next, I ran the drawing past Drew, Casey, and Damien, and was reminded that our bronco needed to be chompin' a churro (doy)!

You can watch the video to see the process of how I import it into Photoshop and then start manipulating it, if that interests you at all. But here's some other designs I've been playing with today (including the one from the video):

None of these is a final design, just me messing around. If any of you have any suggestions or ideas, shoot them to me in the comments and I'll check them when I get back. (The colors might change, depending on what we can afford.)