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Boise State Numerical Roster Countdown Recap: the 60s

The 60s man. What a trip...

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Ah. The 60s. We hardly knew ye. Sad to see you go, yet, we have another set of numbers to count!

Day 69: Tyler Horn

tyler horn

Day 68: Garrett Larson

garrett larson

Day 67: Matt Locher

matt locher

Day 66: Mario Yakoo

Mario Yakoo

Day 65: Sam Whitney


Day 64: Jabril Frazier

Day 63: Riley Whimpey

Riley Whimpey

Day 62: Durrant Miles

miles durrant

Day 61: Terrell Johnson

terrell johnson

Day 60: Kellen Buhr

The 70s were a show, eh?

The 80s were a blast.

If you feel like reliving the 90s at all.