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Have a case of the Sports Sads?

Sad face is sad. But not the US Women's National Team, amiright?!

Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

In sport there is nothing better than the thrill of victory. If you cannot be the respective athlete accomplishing such accolades, reveling in OTHERS accomplishments will have to do. Which is easy enough--as having the opportunity to be on the respective field of competition is difficult--because being one of those rooting on the sidelines is literally a dime a dozen (unless you are playing for Idaho).

As Boise State followers, we have more than our fair share of "how sweet it is" moments. And do we ever revel in those moments. Most often times for months! However, there the occasional... unpleasantries... that accompany sports, even for Boise State fans.

The Agony of Defeat!!!

The history of Boise State football is actually filled with quite a bit of accomplishment and while there are always "down" times even the relatively down times aren't that bad. Yes, an 8-5 season is disappointing for Broncos, but there are plenty of teams that would give anything for a winning record (as mediocre as that is).

Things could always be worse. There's always Idaho.

So when we just HAVE to experience the heartbreak of defeat (unfortunately there has been one or two of those soul crushing defeats in the game log) we all have our various ways of dealing.

Some imbibe in the spirits:

Some may decide to act out:

And others, well, some losses are just gut wrenching:


Dealing with losses when you are emotionally invested in a team can be healthy or destructive.

So how do I deal with a loss? Well. I pout. A lot. To be honest, I hate being so invested in the decision-making skills of 18 to 22 year olds. Their actions on the field can either lead to a pretty solid rest of the day, or a grumpy Damien. Of course I eventually get over the loss but probably not quicker than the actual athletes. But I mourn like any dedicated person does. Rationalizing, excuse-making, "could have been worse", etc.

But you know what helps me the most when I am feeling down about a loss? How I vent to help my down feelings? Curious to find out what helps me get over the blues?

The Man. The Myth. The Legend himself: Elton John.

Something about this song speaks to me. Helps me emotionally decompress from what I just had to witness. Helps relieve the sadness that I feel.

Sure, the song itself is most likely inappropriate for the situations in which I partake. But I don't care. It is not about being rational at this point. It is not about doing something that makes sense. It is a catharsis. It allows me to function like a (somewhat) normal human being.

How about you guys? What things help you recover from a loss? What therapies would you describe to a down-trodden sports junky that is trying to fill the Bronco-shaped hole in his/her heart? There are as many remedies as there are causes for the heartbreak. Share your wisdom and, perhaps, you may be able to walk away with something that can help you!