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Boise State numerical roster countdown 2015: Day 59, Mason Hampton

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

We are on the downhill slope of the O-line AND near the halfway point of the countdown. Today we visit Mason Hampton, #59.

#59, Mason Hampton, RS Sophomore OL

Mason Hampton


Height: 6’3"

Weight: 284 lbs

High School: Meridian High School, Meridian, ID

How'd he get to the Blue™?

He walked right onto the blue turf and claimed his spot. Mason came to Boise State from Meridian High school. I didn’t find any offers for Hampton, but I’d say a walk-on spot with the Broncos is better than offers from plenty of schools.




I’m going with what Drew used last year because I can’t think of anything clever AND i hear he likes rap.


Howie Long

Howie Long

I also thought he bore a resemblance to former Boise State safety Cam Hall, but he never smiles.

Career Highlights

3-year letterman for Meridian High. Named first-team all-conference and second-team all-state as a senior as well as receiving the Shriner’s All-Star Award. Named second-team all-conference as a junior. He appeared in all 14 games last year for the Broncos in a back-up role.

2015 Prospectus

I love walk-ons, especially local kids like Mason. It was somewhat surprising last season when Hampton got notched in as Marcus Henry's backup, but he pretty much stayed entrenched there all year long and I'd expect that's where he'll remain. Since Henry is a returning All-MWC performer, as much as Hampton's depth chart ascension is impressive...we have to kinda hope to not see him this year (at least early in any game). Of course, this is Henry's last season with the Broncos, so in 2016, it would seem Hampton currently has the early inside track on the starting center position. With Hampton's smarts and work ethic, I have no doubt we're destined to see continued production at the position after the Henry era comes to a close.

Is he on Twitter?

Indeed he is, and he seems to be fairly active!

Completely made up fact

Mason is very proud of his family name. Therefore he only vacations in the Hamptons, only stays at Hampton Inns, and will only eat ham steaks for breakfast.