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Analyzing Boise State as a Big XII Expansion Candidate: Wake Up, Bronco Nation 7-6-15

Cereal and links

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More Boise State in the Big XII Talk

A writer in Oklahoma breaks down his perceived strengths and weaknesses of each potential expansion candidate, starting off with Boise State. (I believe our recognizable name-brand puts us foremost in the minds of most people when they think of expansion.) Unfortunately, this writer didn't do a lot of homework:

Boise State fields a wrestling team, but mostly, the non-football sports are non-descript.


First Round Results of MWC "Best Team Ever"

His simulator's broken. Boise State only survived one bout in three. Given, the TCU/BSU matchup went 5-4, which is probably closer to real life than I care to admit. But 2006 BYU beating 2012 BSU 5-0? Nope. I guess we have to put all our marbles in 2011 BSU (which features none other than our beloved Sandwich Magician, so I guess it's cool).

...As long as we win out.

Checking in With Derrick Marks

Marks is still planning on participating in Summer League Games with the Philly Sixers, but he is also planning on going to Italy to play for Derthona Basket. At least he'll be playing at a national level somewhere! When he's names the Italian POY three years in a row, will the NBA look at him again?


I'd never heard this song until my nephews played it and sang it. Pretty nice sound!