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U.S. vs Japan in Women's World Cup Final Game Thread

This one is for all the marbles.

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In case you missed it yesterday, England beat Germany 1-0 for third place. Which is cool that it ends on a positive note for the English after the crushing way they lost to Japan. I did not get a chance to watch the game, so am curious if this was a bit of a let down game for Germany, and a redemption game for England. The third place finish for the English is the second best showing an English team has done in a World Cup. Ever. Which is both hilarious, and sad, in its own right. Still, kudos for them.

As for the game we all care about, the U.S. looks to avenge the 2011 Wold Cup final lost against Japan. We all celebrated, heartily, the nation's birthday yesterday, what better of a way to end the holiday weekend than to see the U.S. take back the World Cup?! (Side note: went to the Meridian fireworks show last night. It was awesome!)

Background Articles

Huddles around TV sets proves US women's soccer is special in the world --  Pretty neat insight as to why the U.S. is a soccer power.

Dreams have no boarders -- About Sydney Leroux. She's Canadian. Playing on Team U.S.A. How awesome is this team? So awesome that women from other countries want to figure out a way to play for this team.

Basically here is where I am going with these articles: You may not like soccer (football?!). Fine. You may pooh-pooh women's sports (like the English folks in the first article). OK. But if you do not tune in tonight, you will be missing out on something really special. Tonight is an opportunity to cap a pretty solid weekend of festivities and American awesomeness.

Matchup previews

A game preview: Three things to watch for during USA vs. Japan

USA Today: Predictions

From US Soccer: One More: USA Set to Face Japan for World Cup Glory

Defense Wins Championships. the U.S. has a 513 minute shutout streak. Second-longest in tournament history (ironically to Germany at 679).

Game details

Channel: Fox (the main, free one)

Time: 7 p.m. Eastern / 4 p.m. Pacific

US Women's Soccer on Twitter: @ussoccer_wnt

U.S. Starting Lineup:












Enjoy the match everyone!!!

Post Game Edit:

U.S.A. wins 5-2. Congrats ladies!!!