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Boise State's Thompson is Awesome: Wake Up, Bronco Nation 7-31-15

Awesome is as awesome does.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Darian Thompson set to Have Great Season

From the annals of Kinda Figured as Much, comes a story on why senior safety Darian Thompson is so dang awesome. In a season where the offense takes a back seat to the defense, we have Thompson leading the charge, and making receivers fear for their lives when they run a deep route. I'm pretty sure Thompson gets a new tattoo every time he de-cleats someone or picks off a pass, but he's running out of arm space, I see. I love this quote from him:

I try not to put any pressure on myself. All these recognitions and things in preseason is nice, but I haven’t played a down yet," Thompson said. "I believe that if I’m thinking about those things while I’m out there playing I’m not going to be the same ‘prototypical safety.

Awesome and humble! If his past is any indication of how he'll do, I look forward to seeing his immediate future!

...But Let's not Forget the Offense!

They're awesome, too!

The last article brought up the staggering stat that BSU's offense has averaged 30 points per game since 2000, and eight of those years have been above 42 points a game (a few of which probably saw Kellen Moore sitting through the second half)! Holy Bad Word!

This article highlights achievements by individual players on the offense, some of which I have forgotten and hope opponents have too (like the fact that Thomas Sperbeck threw for 62 yards and a TD last season). (like the fact that Colorado State is neato)!

ESPN Video on Chris Petersen Going to Boise State

He's fine... for now.


Today is Harry Potter's 35th birthday (the character, not the book series), and here are 35 facts about Harry Potter. Funny thing was, I never made the connection that "Diagon Alley" was a play on the word "diagonally" until I heard a kid mispronounce it last week. Clever!