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Boise State Ranked in Preseason Coaches Poll: 7-30-15

These rankings are rank.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

BSU Ranked #24 in Preseason Poll

The Amway Coaches Poll has been released, and finds Boise State ranked #24. My thoughts went like this:

1. Yay, we're ranked!

2. But why #24?

3. Hey, wait... is that Arizona two spots above us?!

4. In what world...argh!

5. Oh, Idaho's coach Paul Petrino gets a vote, huh. Explains a lot.

6. Didn't they get demoted to 3A?

7. But I see Utah State and BYU got some votes. That's cool!

8. TCU is ranked #2 (above Alabama)! Way to go Pants Patterson!

9. Let's see what an undefeated season does to our ranking.

BSU Players and Coach Ready for Washington

The Huskies know the mindset of the Broncos is to prepare for an entire season, but there's no hiding the fact that Washington is in for a battle when they come to The Blue for the season opener. Whether the rivalry is a friendly one or a bitter one, the Broncos are preparing to give everything they can to the Huskies for 4 quarters. I love Harsin and how he's more candid in his interviews. The guy might just have a place on my shrine wall next to Kellen!

Notes From MWC Media Days

Lots of tidbits about Boise State in this article; make sure you read the whole thing. One thing I liked was this quote from Utah State Head Coach Matt Wells regarding BSU:

“It’s the only team we haven’t beaten, we’re 0-2. I like to remind our players of that fairly often. To me, the road to the Mountain West championship goes through Boise, it will always go through Boise until someone knocks them off that throne.”

Read more here:

All hail the king!

Video of Coach Harsin's Interview

There's a few others on this site, but I just wish they'd upload the whole gol-danged interview in one clip.


This bird sings better than most local bands' lead singers.