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Boise State a Dark Horse Playoff Contender? Wake Up, Bronco Nation 7-3-15

Expansion, expansion, expansion! Is that all anyone talks about anymore? (Yep: Expansion.)

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Broncos in the Playoffs?

This writer seems to believe in us, but it's the system I have trouble believing. When there's people involved in deciding worthiness of inclusion--despite any teams' performance on the field--there will always be bias. We've seen undefeated Boise State teams get the shaft in the past. I remember a Mallard Fillmore comic I had clipped once titled, "Boise State Motivational Speeches," and it had Chris Petersen saying, "Let's go undefeated this year and still not make the playoffs, yeah-h-h-h!" I laughed while I wept into my Bucket-O-Tin-Roof-Sundae.

What Should Our Team Brand Be?

Okay, Andy Staples, I'm calling you out as an ignorant, soap-dodgin', transient-mattress smellin' thunderjerk with used-oil hair dye. Why do you continually ignore the G5 teams? There should at least be a few worth mentioning in your article, but NO-O-O-O-O-O!!!! Instead, the only mention Boise State gets is when you give Washington the brand "Boise State with Power Five-caliber players". We'll see how that works for them in September. So it's up to us, Nuggies! We need to give ourselves a brand since that pool-emptyin', spray-paint farmer tanned, cigarette-butt eatin', mama's boy Andy Staples won't! Here's a few starters:

  • Boise State- Boise State with Power Five-beating-caliber players.
  • Boise State- More than just blue collar, literally.
  • Boise State- The David to your Goliath.
  • Boise State- Still no churro machine in the lobby, so keep lobbying.

Potential BSU Recruit Dillon Sterling-Cole Poised to Impress

Quarterback DSC (who has listed Boise State among his final 8 choices) will compete at The Opening and Elite 11 trials this week in Oregon. I think this kid is really something special, and if we could land him, he would be a great addition to our already amazing team. Visiting Boise State, he must catch onto what a young, exciting staff we have and how fun it would be to be a difference maker on a team that continually makes national statements beyond, "Hey, we're privileged!"

If you're reading this, Mr. Sterling-Cole (which he might if enough people rec this article and share it), just know we think highly of you already if our coaches do. In other words:

More Big XII Expansion Talk

Honestly, we go through this every season every time someone from a Privileged 5 (HT SC) conference starts talking about expansion or realignment. It seems like BSU is always included in the talks, but nobody has really jumped at the opportunity (besides the Big Least aka the USS Titanic). They're just scared. Own up, ya pansies!


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