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Boise State releases first depth chart. Let's freak out about it.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

One annual rite of Fall is the release of each school's preliminary pre-camp depth charts at media days. Boise State's dropped last night and it's as fire as my mix tape. Most of the depth chart inclusions are fairly mundane...some are not. Let's take a peek and all freak out about something that will likely change a dozen times before kickoff.

First off, here's the depth chart as it currently appears (minus return specialists):



  • Ryan Finley, so. OR Tommy Stuart, so. OR Alex Ogle, fr. OR Brett Rypien, fr.


  • Jeremy McNichols, so.
  • Kelsey Young, sr.

Wide receiver

  • Thomas Sperbeck, jr.
  • A.J. Richardson, fr.

Wide receiver

  • Shane Williams-Rhodes, sr.
  • D.J. Dean, so.

Wide receiver

  • Chaz Anderson, jr.
  • Austin Cottrell, so.

Tight end

  • Jake Roh, so.
  • Holden Huff, sr.

Left tackle

  • Rees Odhiambo, sr.
  • Eli McCullough, so.

Left guard

  • Mario Yakoo, jr.
  • Andrew Tercek, so.


  • Marcus Henry, sr.
  • Mason Hampton, so.

Right guard

  • Travis Averill, jr.
  • Troy Bacon, fr.

Right tackle

  • Steven Baggett, jr. OR Archie Lewis, so.



  • Tyler Horn, sr.
  • Sam McCaskill, jr. OR Rondell McNair, sr.

Nose tackle

  • Armand Nance, sr.
  • Justin Taimatuia, sr.


  • Antoine Turner, sr.
  • Tutulupeatau Mataele, sr.
  • Elliot Hoyte, jr.

Stud end

  • Kamalei Correa, jr.
  • Gabe Perez, jr.

Weak-side linebacker

  • Ben Weaver, jr. OR Tyler Gray, sr.

Middle linebacker

  • Tanner Vallejo, jr.
  • Joe Martarano, so.


  • Mercy Maston, sr. OR Kam Miles, so.


  • Donte Deayon, sr.
  • Raymond Ford, jr.


  • Jonathan Moxey, jr.
  • Raymond Ford, jr.

Strong safety

  • Dylan Sumner-Gardner, so.
  • Chanceller James, jr.

Free safety

  • Darian Thompson, sr.
  • Cameron Hartsfield, so.


  • Tyler Rausa, jr.


  • Sean Wale, jr.

The mundane

The O-line depth chart looks exactly how we (and I'm sure others) said it would and therefore features zero surprises. Messrs Odhiambo, Yakoo, Henry, Averill, and Baggett are tabbed as the starting hosses and will likely retain that distinction right up until September 4th. The one "OR" on the O-line also is right about where we thought it would be, with Baggett currently interchangeable at right tackle with Archie Lewis. And you thought Archie's nemesis was Reggie Mantle.

The slightly interesting

Wide receiver has some predictable names at the top of the lineup with Shane Williams-Rhodes, Thomas Sperbeck and Chaz Anderson all pinned to the top, but the backups are slightly interesting (and given the normal rotations will all likely play). Behind Williams-Rhodes is D.J. Dean...the local product that's been bit early and often by the injury bug. Coaches said Dean had had a good offseason and I think this bears that out. Behind Sperbeck sits freshman A.J. Richardson...another guy that was slowed by injury a season ago, but started to come on in the Spring. Richardson, a former Cal commit, led all receivers in the Spring game with 7 receptions and I think could be another huge threat for the Broncos come Fall. Lastly—and maybe the least slight of the slightly interesting—Austin Cottrell is listed as Chaz Anderson's backup on the early depth chart. Cottrell is a big-bodied receiver that could end up being a real bear to defend BUT the JuCo transfer only arrived in mid-May and therefore did not participate in Spring Ball. Now he sits second on the depth chart behind Mr. "go deep" himself Chaz Anderson. Interesting? Yes.

The interesting-er

Jeremy McNichols sits atop the early RB depth chart (as well he should), but the player ostensibly nipping at his heels is a bit of a head scratcher to some and for the same reason Cottrell's inclusion raised my eyebrow (the other eyebrow was burned off in a S'mores incident). Stanford-transfer and the guy that gave Cory Young wedgies during his impressionable years, Kelsey Young, is listed as the #2 RB as of yesterday afternoon. No one doubts Young's resumé or his ball-running's just that he only just got here and Boise State has several other guys that could have easily filled that spot...guys that were with us in the Spring.

More interesting depth chart inclusions are penciled in to the DB side of the chart, where JuCo transfer Raymond Ford is backing up BOTH Donte Deayon and Jonathan Moxey (and boy, are his legs tired) and Chanceller James is listed behind true sophomore Dylan Sumner-Gardner at the strong safety slot. Remember, James was enjoying a breakout season last year before going down with a knee injury. He sat out Spring ball, but is ahead of schedule on his return and could be ready for Fall Camp. I tend to think that James and DSG will co-start when all is said and done.

Most interesting

The QB starting position is still, at least on paper, up for grabs. Ryan Finley's drinking, running and hiding court date was once again pushed back, meaning the season will be well underway by the time any punishment or lack thereof is levied. So, it would seem the path to playing in the opener is set for Finley—if only, well...he is the starter. Ogle, Stuart, and wunderkind Rypien get the "OR" tag at present although Finley has to be considered the fave. Because of the unsettled nature of the QB race and's the QB race, it will always spur the most debate until the season opens.

More stuff

It looks like Tyler Horn will indeed be moving back to defensive end for his final season with the Broncos and that's totally fine with me. Boise State's wealth of depth is more on the interior anyway and Horn will bring brute force to one end position while Kamalei Correa brings finesse to the other.

Senior Antoine Turner is listed as the starter at DT, ahead of much-hyped-but-never-seen Deuce Mataele and the British Invasion Elliot Hoyte. I like the idea of Nance and Turner plugging up the run lanes in the middle, but the DT and NT "starters" should be taken with a heavy dose of salt given how the Broncos use their front four. How heavy a dose? Consult your doctor.

Your turn

Anything else jumping out at you from Boise State's first depth chart pass? Any "ORs" in strange places? Should I be higher on the nickel depth chart?