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Campus Insiders Preview of Boise State: Wake Up, Bronco Nation 7-27-15

Campus Insiders Video Preview (They allow embedding, so I'll skip the link):

Oh, and next up on my watch list was a pjohn video, which I thought deserved another look (just skip to the last BSU possession and watch from there):

Some takeaways from this game: SWR is a great kick returner, Joe Southwick should have put less effort into growing facial hair and more effort into growing biceps, and this had my favorite play ever from our boy Jeremy Ioane. How's he doing, BTW?

As for the next meeting with Washington? No video, never happened.

What if Other G5 Teams had Fields Like Ours?

Sometimes, a colored field can really be an eyesore, which is not the case with us, since you don't get many people complaining about the hard-to-look at blue ocean when they're on the beach. My personal favorite was their design for Navy (in navy blue, of course).

Here's other G5 conference field mock-ups:

How can the Broncos Help North Texas?
The football school, not the region. This article is about how Boise State rose from obscurity into a national conversation starter, and besides omitting our most recent win against Arizona and exaggerating our attendance a bit, the writer does a good job of outlining our rise. 

Embrace the Past to Attack the Future

Shane Larsen writes about what it takes to continue improving our program.


This website is pretty awesome. You can put Boise State in the first column and then select another team and then get all sorts of stats about that team and our history together. And since it's been a while, here's a cat video (my new favorite)!