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Boise State numerical roster countdown 2015: Day 40, Armand Nance

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Elite football players are judged by their 40 yard dash times in the NFL Combine. The faster they go, the more money they get (especially from the Raiders, amiright Drew?). Unfortunately when we have 40 days left for Boise State football, we cannot sprint towards that finish. Instead, we are going to review—Armand Nance

#40, Armand Nance, Senior, DT

Armand Nance


Height: 6'

Weight: 311

High School: DeKaney HS, Houston, TX

How'd he get to the Blue™?

Nance chose the Broncos over an offer from North Texas. Let that settle in for a second. Two scholarship offers for a kid who played for Boise State as a true freshman and will likely be a major contributor this year. What gives?!?!? Well, Nance was listed a pure-blocking TE as a recruit showing a limited receiving skillset. This could be from a lack of talent, the offensive system his high school used, or a combination of both. Regardless, a lack of receiving stats can definitely limit your value for a team to give up a roster spot and a good chunk of change to cover your schoolin'. Ahhh... but Boise State coaches are smart and moved Nance to defensive tackle once he arrived on campus.


"Bowling Ball"

Dude is only 6' and 311 lbs. I mean, jeez.


Prince Fielder?

Career Highlights

As a junior Nance appeared in all 14 games, he recorded 36 total tackles, 2.5 sacks, 6 tackles-for-loss, blocked a field goal, and forced a fumble. Appeared in each of the Broncos' 13 games in 2013, including eight starts, recording 51 tackles, four tackles-for-loss, and two sacks. While in high school: named first team all-state and was a Texas State Champion as a senior. Second team all-district as a junior. Honorable mention all-district as a sophomore. 3-time academic all-district. Member of National Honor Society.

2015 Prospectus

I only know a few other words for "awesome," and "great." Unfortunately I have already used these words, not just for other profiles, but specifically talking about the defensive line as a whole. And, yet, here we are again. Talking about another impact player that is going to dominate the interior line. If we have not already used the word "ridiculous" in reference to this line, then we have not done our jobs sufficiently.

Mr. Nance is entering his final season as a Bronco and it is such a shame that he has to go. Being such a stalwart, dependable starter is a luxury. Interestingly enough, Nance took a minor step back in total tackles from his sophomore year to his junior going from 51 to 36. But was able to up his tackles-for-loss from four to six. This next year could see either another step back, because other guys are going to get their numbers too, or at least stay steady. Because the interior guys are, usually, more about occupying space, and keeping opposing offensive linemen off of the secondary, Nance's tangible numbers were already not going to be spectacular but having to share time will not help. So I will say this: Nance's ability to get after the quarterback is going to lead to an increase in deflections, QB mistakes (interceptions, fumbles, etc.), mismatches for opposing running backs in pass protection, and QB hurries.

Is he on Twitter?

Hopefully he focuses this anger to opposing offenses. I weep for them.

Completely NOT Made Up Fact

Nance works security and appreciates all kinds of music. Definitely one guy I would not want to mess with.