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How Does Boise State Measure up for Big XII Expansion? Wake Up, Bronco Nation 7-23-15

Sorry for taking a day off (FOR MY ANNIVERSARY, NOT SORRY!)

What Are BSU's Chances of Getting into the Big XII?

Jacob Schildgen of MWC Connection looks at many of the factors which would come into consideration for Boise State to become a Big XII expansion team. He does a pretty good job of grading each of our strengths and weaknesses, and points out that some of our strengths are facilities, football (doy), and men's b-ball. You all know where I stand on expansion, but if the Big XII comes looking, they'd be fools to overlook Boise State. Imagine how strong their conference would be with BSU and TCU! We'd probably be put in different divisions and meet every year in the conference championship game. Pretty sure that's what would happen, anyway.

Boise State Players in NFL Camps

This is just a brief snippet of former BSU players in the NFL (18 heading to training camps). It's surprising to me that Kellen Moore is in his fourth year--I can't believe it's been that long since he was on The Blue. Also surprising to me; that he wasn't first overall pick, instantly put in as starter, and earned 4 Super Bowl rings already.

Crockett Committed to Boise State

Not just in the sense that he's verbally committed, but he's committed! I love this kid's attitude (and not just because he favorites my tweets)! I think he'll fit right in with our program with his can-do attitude. Just watch as his star rating goes up after a spectacular senior year, and all the other schools get jelly that we landed him.



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