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The Sports Quotient Previews Boise State: Wake Up, Bronco Nation 7-20-15

Your daily dose of Bronco links

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

SQ Previews Boise State

I'm not very familiar with the Sports Quotient, but here's there take on this season's Broncos. I find it funny how writers unfamiliar with Boise State seem to think the QB race is only between Finley and Rypien. If Finley isn't punished by BSU for his misdemeanors, I'm pretty sure he has the job, but I tend to think Tommy Stuart has a better chance of playing before Rypien. Let's give the kid a redshirt season to gain experience before we throw him into the fray. But who knows... at this point, it's all speculative. Maybe we can address the elephant in this article instead: Ranked 25th?!

BSU Opponent Preview: Virginia

I really, really want the Cavaliers to be strong this year. I can't recall when, but they were picked to be a strong sleeper team a few years back, and there was talk of BCS rankings and other such stuff. They play in the ACC (known more for their basketball prowess), and you'd think they would have no problems beating a school like Duke, but nope. The Blue Devils even gave Arizona State a bowl scare last year! We're used to seeing Clemson and Virginia Tech atop ACC football, but there might be a changing of the guard. Let's just hope Virginia picks this year to rise up.

...After we beat them, of course.

Boesen Taking his Ponytail to UL

...Just for a visit to the junior college. If you recall, he was dismissed from the team before the Fiesta Bowl, but I never really knew the reasons why. This article states it was because he pleaded guilty to inattentive or careless driving. Texting his mom, I bet.

Miscellinkeous: I'm sure you've all seen this video by now, but I'll put it up here anyway. Aussie surfer Mick Fanning gets attacked by a shark on live TV, and the only thing that happens is his leash gets cut. I'm pretty sure I would retire from surfing that day. I have a problem with the 3-pound trout brushing against my leg in my pond!