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What is the Cost of Adding Boise State as an Expansion Team?: Wake Up, Bronco Nation 7-2-15

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More Expansion Talk

Oklahoma president David Boren has opened up a can with his expansion talks. This article presents the argument that adding expansion teams would not necessarily cut revenue to teams already in the conference through even distribution (in the Big XII's case, that would mean $4.2 million less per team). The writer argues that there are other factors which could make up the cost lost through distributing to two new teams, among which are money brought in from a championship-tournament-caliber basketball team (check), and money from hosting a championship game. (There are other points he makes, but I'll let the link do the talking.)

Boise State vs. TCU in Greatest MWC Team Ever

It's that time again! Vote for the team you think greater, and by that I mean BSU!

Albertsons Stadium Named Safe Venue

Boise State's Albertsons Stadium has been named one of the top 10 safest sports venues in the nation, according to people who track that kinda stuff. So feel free to leave your body armor home for the next game!

Former BSU Wrestler Hoping to Grow MMA Exposure

Jesse Brock hopes the MMA scene in Boise picks up with his bouts. I really like to watch MMA, especially when there's a good wrestler involved, and Brock was a 2-time Pac-12 Champ. Sure beats the heck out of paying 100 bucks to watch two overpaid boxers avoid each other for an hour.


I'm just going to link to a random open window on my browser right now. Mmmmmmm. (Don't worry, it's G-rated!)