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Boise State numerical roster countdown 2015: Day 64, Jabril Frazier

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

We've got just 64 days until kickoff, but that number is currently unassigned on the Bronco roster; therefore, today we'll highlight a guy that's double-booked with Alex Ogle in the #18 jersey (it's a really big jersey). Without further ado, here's #18 at spot 64—Jabril Frazier

#64, Jabril Frazier, Freshman, DE


Height: 6'4"

Weight: 240 lbs

High School: Verbum Dei High School, Los Angeles, CA

How'd he get to the Blue™?

The Broncos were able to pull off a signing day coup when Frazier chose the Broncos in a televised hat ceremony over in-state USC. Frazier was a 4-star recruit according to 247sports and one of their top 30 prospects in the state of California. Frazier racked up 191 tackles (146 solo) in his two year varsity career as well as 25 sacks (19 of which were in his senior campaign). For his efforts last year, Frazier was named to the All Del Rey League first team and the All-CIF team and was also named the League MVP. Frazier picked the Broncos over reported offers from USC, Utah, Arizona, Northern Arizona, Houston, Illinois, Indiana, and San Diego State. Check out his swath of destruction below:



This is his twitter handle, so I assume this is already better than 98% of the lame nicknames we dream up



NBA vet Byron Scott

Career Highlights

League MVP in 2013. First team All-CIF and All-Del Rey League as a senior in 2013. 99 tackles and 19 sacks in 2013. 97 tackles and 6 sacks in 2012.

2015 Prospectus

Last season, I predicted that Frazier would be one of the true freshman to suit up and hit the blue turf for the Broncos. Well, turns out that was my ONLY wrong prediction last offseason (no need to search the OBNUG archives, just take my word for it). It wasn't that Frazier didn't have the necessary skills to play last year—he did...but a grade issue delayed his arrival on campus and he missed enough of Fall camp to seriously dampen any chances he had at making an impact. In hindsight—and because of the emergence of Kamalei Correa—it was probably a good thing that Frazier wasn't thrust unnecessarily into the lineup...a redshirt allowed him to acclimate better to college and most importantly—given his position—allowed him to put on some much-needed weight. Frazier was a heckuva prep player at LA's Verbum Dei, but his superior athleticism allowed him to flourish at DE despite a WR frame. Broncosports roster shows Frazier up just 10 lbs over last year's announced weight, but if you have seen Frazier lately, it's clear that either he's gained much more than that, or last years listed weight was extremely generous. At present, Frazier looks like a junior Demarcus Lawrence body-wise, and I think has the same level of ahtleticism. He was good enough in Spring camp to garner some praise from the head man, and I think this season we see him slowly move into the DE rotation—one that could be very good with the return of All-MWC end Kamalei Correa. If Correa bolts for the NFL after this season, I think Frazier might just be the next great DE in line for the crown.

Is he on Twitter?

Completely NOT Made Up Fact

In Dutch, ja means "yes", and bril means "glasses". Does Jabril's name mean "yes, glasses' in Dutch? Yes. Glasses.