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Boise State numerical roster countdown 2015: Day 47, Eric Yates

Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

47 days is pretty nice since that means its only 47 days till kickoff.—Eric Yates

#47, Eric Yates, RS Freshman, CB

eric yates


Height: 5' 9"

Weight: 167

High School: A&M Consolidated High School, College Station, TX (Though he attended Capital High before going to Texas. I'm counting Boise as his real hometown.)

How'd he get to the Blue™?

Playing football in Texas can be rough. While earning playing for A&M consolidated, he only played three games his senior year. Though he did make the most of his playing time by nabbing three interceptions returning one for a touchdown. He is playing as a walk-on.


"Jaden Smith"

See below


jaden smith

Career Highlights

He redshirted last season. So the three INTs and one returned for a TD still counts.

2015 Prospectus

Deayon and Moxey are the projected starters. The coaching staff brought in Ford for some immediate depth and signed Horton, who was pursued late by Florida. The Broncos needed some depth at defensive back in general, and made a point of getting guys who are versatile and can help out right away if needed. Mr. Yates looks to be a special teams contributor who will hopefully get some game time at CB late in games.

Is he on Twitter?

I couldn't find him.

Completely Made Up Fact

Eric Yates, a fan of the accordion, often gets confused with the musician of the same name. It is a common mistake, but one you should avoid in polite conversation.