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Boise State's Bryan Harsin on ESPN Radio: Wake Up, Bronco Nation 7-17-15

Have a listen!

Harsin on ESPN Radio

Some highlights from the interview:

  • Preseason rankings don't matter.
  • The most important thing is the process and hard work.
  • Most proud of continued improvement of team.
  • Boise State brand is watching the underdog who has a chance to compete (that's better than my suggestions for our brand).
  • In 2011, we were looking to be in 4 different conferences at once.
  • TCU is fortunate to get in conference, but we can only worry about the things we have in front of us (winning games, conference championship, bowl game, etc.)
  • It's been six years since we've opened at home, he's excited to playing a quality Pac-12 team.
  • Both spots at QB and RB are "still open".
  • Grant Hedrick improved all season and filled the role to become most accurate QB.
  • Hoping lesser known players will emerge.
  • His goal was always to get back to Boise State; Boise is a special place.
  • He was on the phone "in a millisecond" when the position came open.
My foremost thought listening to this interview was loyalty. There's a certain type of ownership and pride that comes with being involved in your hometown team. Not just any hometown, but Boise, Idaho! Outsiders don't know how special our great state is, and there's a pride that comes with being the "underdog" team from an "underdog" state. Does our culture have anything to do with our success? I believe so. Hard work and optimism are what defines us.

Not much in the way of BSU links today--heck, even the link I had was a few days old-- so here's a state capital test to occupy your time.