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Two Boise State Players Named to Watchlists: Wake Up, Bronco Nation 7-16-15

The whole team's on my watchlist!

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Sperbeck and Williams-Rhodes Named to Watchlists

According to the article (because you have to click through an annoying survey to read it):

The Wuerffel Trophy is given annually to the college football player who best combines athletics, community service and academics. The award has been presented since 2005 and is named for Heisman Trophy winning quarterback Danny Wuerffel. The Florida-legend led the Gators to the national championship in 1996 and is a member of the College Football Hall of Fame.

Williams-Rhodes is nominated for this one, thanks in part to his 585 receiving yards and All-MWC Academic honors. That, and I think there's a clause about being able to bench 8x your body weight.

Sperbeck has been put on the Biletnikoff Award watchlist, and just so I don't have to check my spelling (again!), I'll quote the article:

The Biletnikoff Award is college football's top honor for wide receivers. It is named after college and pro football Hall of Famer Fred Biletnikoff, who starred at Florida State and for the Oakland Raiders. Sperbeck led Boise State in receiving yards with 877 in 2014 as a sophomore. It included a 199 yard performance in the Fiesta Bowl that won him offensive MVP honors.

Fer reals. I like the way "Kellen Moore Award" rolls off the fingers way more!

Young Brothers Compete for RB Spot

As in... "Cory and Kelsey" Young, not "underage" young. Chad Crippe from The Statesman writes a good article about the friendly sibling rivalry in our running back competition, including the state of some of our other potential starters. One thing's for sure, whoever is running behind our bulldozer of an O-line will pick up a few yards this season.

Deceptive Headlines: How to get BSU Fans to Click on Your Preview of BYU

This writer from MWConnection has stumbled on a secret that we've known for a while: Put "Boise State" in your headline and more people will click on it. This is pretty hilarious the way it's used! Click on it for a good chuckle.


The Brits are trying to sabotage former BSU golfer Graham DeLaet ahead of the British Open. I don't know how else you can read this article.