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Boise State numerical roster countdown 2015: Day 52, Andrew Tercek

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

If I am not mistaken, we have reached the end of our O-line brethren! Wrapping up the big boys is #52, Andrew Tercek.

#52, Andrew Tercek, RS Sophomore OL

Andrew Tercek


Height: 6’1"

Weight: 277 lbs

High School: East Central High School, San Antonio, TX

How'd he get to the Blue™?

By making smart decisions and choosing us over Nevada (le puke). Seriously though, Tercek is not only able bodied, but able minded as well, if that’s a thing. Not only was he a 4 year letter earner at East Central, he hit the 1700 mark on his SAT. If I’m not mistaken, that’s pretty good. He also squats 525 lbs, which is multiple of me. He was listed as a 3-star recruit by 247Sports, Rivals and Scout, and received offers from the aforementioned Wolfpack along with Army, North Texas, and Rice.


"Freight Train"
If you watched the above highlight tape, this should make sense.



A young John Travolta sans chin dimple.

John Travolta

Career Highlights

A four-year letter winner at East Central, Andrew mostly played LT until moving to C his senior year. He earned first-team all-district his junior and senior years and named honorable mention all-state. He was named honorable mentioned all-district his freshman and sophomore years. He played in two games for the Broncos last year against Wyoming and Utah State.

2015 Prospectus

Based on what Drew told me, I don’t know anymore. I as under the impression Tercek would be backing up Henry this year, but Drew informed me that Mason Hampton backed up Henry last year. I’ll be the first to admit that the OL guys are tough to keep track of. I can’t look at a guy and tell what position he plays on the line. I was always under the impression Tercek was brought in to play C. Now he could still end up there, but he will obviously be competing with Hampton for back-up privileges, and I would think Tennessee as well. BUT, he could move to guard as well as I know he played that in high school as well. The great thing about Boise State and our coaches is they really know how to recruit. Andrew is a smart guy and I have no doubt he could jump around as needed. Our coaches have a knack for finding smart, athletic guys that can play multiple spots along the line. Regardless of where he ends up playing, I see now reason why Andrew can’t get some meaningful minutes on the field, especially with how our coaches like the keep the line fresh. I don’t see anyone supplanting Henry, but if something happens and we need someone to step in, I feel we have plenty of kids ready and willing to step in, Andrew included.

Is he on Twitter?

Unfortunately, I didn’t find him on there, but maybe he has some crazy handle?

Completely made up fact

"Freight Train" not only suits Andrew on the field, but also speaks to his past. He loved model trains growing up and dreamed of one day becoming a conductor. He had a little uniform and everything. It all changed one day when he realized how long and boring train rides were and promptly sold all of his train sets and picked up a football.