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Boise State numerical roster countdown 2015: Day 53, Drew Berger

Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

With only 53 days until kick off, there is not much to talk about.You know what? Let's talk about a new player on Boise State's roster—Drew Berger

#53, Drew Berger, True Freshman, LB

drew berger


Height: 6' 1"

Weight: 220

High School: Coeur d'Alene HS, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

How'd he get to the Blue™?

By being really smart. A three-star LB per Rivals and Scout, and a four-star Per 247sports (their composite has him a three-star though) he committed pretty early on in the process in July of 2014. Which allowed him to wreck fools his senior year. How so? 93 tackles, nine TFLs, three sacks, and three interceptions. So what accolades did those numbers garnish him? Only 28th best linebacker in the nation per Scout and the third best overall recruit in the state of Idaho per ESPN.

His offer list is pretty short, "just" limited to Boise State. But interest? Seven schools out of the Pac-12 were looking at him, Missouri, and Utah State (/chortle). His early commitment to the Broncos probably held a lot of the other offers at bay. Good. It is vital for Boise State to keep in-state talent in state. I know there are the "divisions" of Idaho between the southern part, the northern, and the east side, but borders are borders. The coaching staff has placed an emphasis on keeping kids in Idaho--regardless of stars--all for the better.



I can only assume David Augusto would do this more than once.



robert pattinson

Robert Pattinson, Cedric Diggory, "Harry Potter"

Career Highlights

Another rookie with no Boise State highlights to speak of. But while in high school he was an Idaho Statesman 5A All-Idaho First Team selection, and All-Inland Empire League First Team member. You know, "pretty good."

2015 Prospectus

Another stud linebacker with the likelihood of redshirting. You could essentially take what I wrote about Marquis Hendrix yesterday and plug it in here and it still be relevant. A year to learn, adjust to a faster game, and watch a wrecking ball of a defense work their magic.

I think the important thing to remember here is the fact Boise State held on to a talented kid, with loads of potential, from would-be poachers. Frankly I am surprised some other Pac-12 schools did not deign him "good" enough to offer anyway, and expect a flip. Ah well. their short-sighted hubris is Boise State's gain (almost like every other athlete that has come through those doors). Despite the talent, expect a redshirt. Unless he is just too good to keep off the field, or the Broncos rack up some gnarly injuries.

Is he on Twitter?

Indeed he is. Also, wearing the same number as he did in high school (and not #53, but thems the breaks). And, coincidentally enough, the same as another Bronco great (then again, which number WASN'T inhabited by a former Bronco great, amiright?!). All signs are pointing to another awesome player in the making.

Completely Made Up Fact

Named after our own Drew, Berger knew he was destined for greatness ever since he was a small child. What Berger didn't know was that chocolate syrup is the only appropriate sauce topping for churros. Not cherry. Never cherry. Eewww.