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Harsin on Boise State in the Big XII: Wake Up, Bronco Nation 7-10-15

Back to life...

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Harsin on Big XII Expansion Rumors

It's about time someone talked to someone who matters about all these expansion rumors flying around. Then again, Harsin really doesn't matter when it comes to any real expansion, and admits it himself. But the man has confidence in what Boise State has built, and will continue to build on that success, no matter what conference he plays in. He uses TCU as an example of what a good program can do if it's moved into a P5 conference.

BSU Center Zach Haney Bringing Ballin' to the Bigs

Haney is excited to bring his chin game to Taco Ballerina this next season, and promises to be a formidable presence in the paint at both ends. At 6'11", he is considerably taller than me, and probably plays a better game than I do, so my vote is for him!

Also in this article are mentions of James Webb III at the Nike Basketball Academy. He's turning heads, and people are all-a-Twitter over him.

Update on shirt design:

I came home and read through the suggestions, and took them all into consideration. Please always feel free to critique my work! I have a pretty thick skin (and not just 'cause I'm fat), and truly appreciate what everyone's honest feelings are. Besides, this represents a really early draft of the work, suggestions are what I asked for. That being said, I'm pretty sure not everybody will agree on the final design, but we can try to be as accommodating as I can. Here's change #1:

I think I'm with y'all on losing the cigar churro from the horse's mouth. It was one of my wife's first critiques, and she's always right. Someone suggested a saddlebag full of churros, so here's that.

Someone else suggested just a head, so I tried that. Also, there's no need to put the full acronym of OBNUG on the shirt. It probably simplifies the design, anyway, and if people want to know what we're about, I added the ".com"

Here's another look:

Full horsey:

The football lined up with the dot, so I just used it instead.

All these are still just preliminary designs. I can also ink and scan the horse if desired. Ultimately, though, I'm leaving the final decision up to Drew, since he's the big cheese. But feel free to chime in in the comments (please)!