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Boise State a Candidate for Big XII Expansion?: Wake Up, Bronco Nation 7-1-15

Happy July Fools Day!

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Expansion in the Big XII?

Oklahoma President David Boren thinks the Big XII should strive for 12 members (probably because I'm gearing up to file a false advertising lawsuit), and Boise State might be a potential candidate. Unfortunately, for them it all comes down to the almighty dollar. We don't have a very large TV market, so we might look unappealing, even though we play exciting football. The potential expansion team with the largest TV market is BYU, thanks to Taysom Hill's dazzling smile.

My stance remains the same: I don't want to be picked up by a different conference, I just want all conferences included in the playoffs. Give every conference champ in the FBS a chance at the title, not just the brand-name favorites.

Golden Nugget Game-of-the-Year Lines Revealed

Boise State was initially listed as a 13-point favorite over the Huskies, which "seemed awfully high" to the Seattle Times, but that was reduced to only an 8.5 favorite. Still greater than a touchdown, but I don't think they take into account all the kick returns for touchdowns SWR is going to have. Will we cover? Like Darian Thompson.

Who Wins in the Game of Coaching Musical Chairs?

Between Boise State, USC and Washington, who do you think came out on top? Of course, I have my theory, but it also has the advantage of being correct.


Before this actor was better-known, he did a series of awkward interviews that are hilarious to me. Check out this one at a reptile convention!