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Boise State's Turner Turns out for Lunch: Wake Up, Bronco Nation 6-9-15

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Turning in a lame pun headline.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Summer Lunch Program Kicks Off With Antoine Turner

Antoine Turner knows what it's like to go hungry, having been homeless in the past. His presence at the summer lunch kick off was a sweet surprise for the kids, plus he got free sammiches!

Harwell Settling in at BSU

Malek the Athletic Freak is now on campus, sharing a room with Paris Austin and football transfer Austin Cottrell. He's a scoring machine, averaging 25.7 points per game his senior season (on top of other impressive stats). This is what assistant coach John Rillie had to say about Harwell:

As we form into what we feel Boise State basketball is becoming, Malek is going to be one those guards that can shoot, but he also has a great feel and understanding of the game.

His dad was a former player at the Division I level, so his instincts and feel for the game are very good. And he’s very good at making the 3-ball, as well.

Having watched Harwell play at Century, I can tell you personally that he passes the eyeball test. I've even played 3-on-3 against him, and feel very proud to say I've been posterized by him.

Bad Artist's Rendition

Harbaugh Puttin' out the Vibe

Here's some pictures of Jim Harbaugh's shirtless practice with his new team with some commentary. No joke, my wife saw me looking at the pictures from across the room and asked, "are those pictures of you?" #Dadbod


Dog fails. The dog at 1:05 and the one right after seriously had me elling O ell.