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Lewis Commits to Boise State: Wake Up, Bronco Nation 6-8-15

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Monday, Monday, Na na na-na na-na.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

CB Robert Lewis Gives Verbal Commit to Boise State

Casey already covered this in depth, but here's the Statesman's article on it. Here's a question, though: When you verbally commit, do you actually have to audibly speak to someone? Could you nonverbally commit, like throw out a gesture or two? Are two thumbs up better than an OK sign?

Why BSU Must Go Undefeated This Season

Boise State is in a good position to get people talking about the fairness of the system again if they go undefeated, but somehow I don't believe an undefeated BSU team will make the playoffs (unless everyone in the P5 is 6-6). I think a loss or two still puts us in a NY6 bowl like last year, because I believe we will still be MWC champs (knock on me). Nevertheless, the writer brings up some talking points.

Former BSU Golfer in Position to Earn PGA Tour Card

Tyler Aldridge finished the tour 23 under par, and earning a cool $90k in the process (how would that be for a weekend paycheck?).

BSU Athlete Andrade Prepares for NCAA Track and Field Championship

Also Emma Bates

This will be held in Eugene, OR June 10-13th. Good luck to our track athletes!


Favorite books of famous authors. And just in case you were wondering what a semi-famous author's favorite book is: It's Tarzan by Edgar Rice Burroughs.