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Boise State Gets Lion's Share of MWC Money: Wake Up, Bronco Nation 6-5-15

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It's all about the Madisons.

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Record Amount of MWC Money to Broncos

Boise State will receive $9.4 million dollars from the Mountain West's record $47 million payout, which stands to reason, since we earned most o' that. Commissioner Craig Thompson sang the praises of the conference and its member schools, including this little nugget I didn't know:

We’ve really been the flag-bearer … since 2004, in bowl records, only the SEC has a better win percentage.

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Comparing Boise State's Fan Base to P5 Fan Bases

Hey, I'd put me up against any other fat, balding, pastywhite fan of Ohio State any day! Pretty sure I'm on par, if not bigger (and not necessarily girth-wise).

Friday Night Lights Dimming for Area High Schools?

With BSU's schedule containing a few Friday night slots, the question is being asked if we're competing with a traditionally high school sports night. I normally don't watch many high school games unless family is playing or I'm broadcasting it. What about you? Do you think it's unfair to our high school athletes?

BSU a 10.5-Point Favorite Over Washington

This according to 5 Dimes. I've tried verifying this with Vegas odds, but OddsShark is doing some funky stuff with my browser. A touchdown and a field goal advantage, eh? I like their thinking, but I kinda like coming in as an underdog also (then you have pride to play for also). Combine this with the news that Washington has the toughest schedule this year, I hope we smother them by a much larger spread, and then Chris Petersen bounces back and knocks knots in his opponents heads quicker than they can rub 'em. This being the NCAA, they would probably get our playoff spot.


My students introduced me to Bored Button. It's really fun, but I can't help but wondering: Is this saying something about my teaching?