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Boise State numerical roster countdown 2015: Day 91, David Lucero

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Our first offensive player comes in 91 days before the start of the season. That player happens to be David Lucero.

#91, David Lucero, RS Freshman, TE

David Lucero


Height: 6’5"

Weight: 227 lbs

High School: Holtville High School, Holtville, CA

How'd he get to the Blue™?

Lucero’s recruitment was fairly quiet. A member of the 2014 class and listed as a 3-star recruit by all major recruiting sites, David’s only other offer was from UTEP. He committed January 5th of 2014. HE did camp with Colorado the summer prior, but of course, that was a pity camp, that is, Lucero felt bad for them.



Yes, I’m aware that this is one of his teammate’s actual names. Please forget that for the purposes of this article and focus on the fact that this is what opposing DBs will be asking from him.


Dwayne Johnson

Lucero is a dead ringer for Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Well, that or he has figured out time travel or something.

Career Highlights

Lucero was a 3 sport athlete at Holtville, lettering in baseball, basketball and football according to Maxpreps. He only played baseball and basketball his sophomore year. He played 3 years on varsity, playing very well every year. As a sophomore at the variety level, he played 12 games, pulling in 22 receptions for 422 yards and 4 TDs, good for 19.2 yards per play. His junior year, he had 40 receptions for 636 yards, a modest 15.9 yards per catch, and 5 TDs. His senior year, he had 38 receptions, 819 yards, going for a whopping 21.6 yards per catch, and 11 TDs. Not bad at all. All 3 years combined, he had 100 receptions for 1877 yards, and if I maths right, that makes 18.8 yards per catch. I’ll take it.

2015 Prospectus

If you weren’t aware, we are LOADED at tight end. I’m not talking air rifle, I’m talking .50 CAL. Serious talent from top to bottom. Blakley, Dhaenens, Hardee, Huff, Roh and the incoming Pistone will all be competition for Lucero. Heck, they will all be competition for themselves. I think Dhaenens could be the next Schouman. I know, I know, lofty expectations for a sophomore, but we has the size, skillset and hands to do it. We'll need to see more from Blakley to make that determination for him, but coming in at 6'4 235lbs as a freshman is absurd. Speaking of coming in at 235lbs as a freshman, that's precisely what Pistone is! Hardee and Huff have been here a while, so they have the knowledge of the playbook and experience on the field. Huff has battled some injuries and Hardee is a better blocker than pass catcher, but both are vital to the position. Roh is on the opposite end of the spectrum, able to catch practically anything thrown his direction. He could stand to put on some weight, but he was obviously a standout last season.

Lucero is one of the tallest, he is also one of the lightest. He made some good plays during the spring game and I anticipate he puts on some weight this summer, but I think he will need to have an exceptional summer to pass up Dhaenens and Roh, whom I presume will be our starting TEs. We will lose Hardee and Huff this year, but those two are the only upperclassmen this year, which will most likely help Lucero next year more than this year. The fall scrimmage will be fun to watch at the TE position just to see who rises to the top.

Is he on Twitter?

Why yes he is, and apparently he is also a baseball fan.

Completely made up fact

Lucero has long been a huge Harry Potter fan, so much so he started a quidditch team at Holtville. Unfortunately, very few shared his passion for the sport. He was delighted to hear that the Broncos DO share his same love for the sport.