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Boise State numerical roster countdown 2015: Day 92, Paul Semons

D-line. D-vine.

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

We've got just 92 days until Boise State's home opener, so today we'll highlight the current bearer of the #92 jersey—Paul Semons

#92, Paul Semons, RS Freshman, DT



Height: 6'3"

Weight: 258 lbs.

High School: Eagle High School, Eagle, ID

How'd he get to The Blue™?

Semons walked up the road a spell and walked-on, but was far from a nobody in the southern Idaho football world. As a senior, Semons was named first team All-SIC and first team all-state after registering 39 tackles (36 solo) and 5 sacks for the Mustangs. As a junior, Semons was a force as well—wrapping up that campaign with 48 tackles (42 solo), 2 sacks and a fumble recovery.


"Biggie Pauls"

This is his twitter handle and just the type of lame pun we would've come up with. A man after my own heart.



Actor and zombie-killer, Michael Cudlitz

Career highlights

Named first team All-SIC and first team all-state as a senior in 2013.

2015 prospectus

Since the countdown has been heavily front-loaded with defensive lineman, it should come as no surprise at this point that we're, well...heavily loaded with defensive lineman. It's kind of ridiculous, actually. Imagine the exact opposite problem that we discussed yesterday with the safeties. The Broncos have so many defensive lineman that there's unlikely to be enough snaps for all of them. The Broncos will use 6 to 7 of the interior D-lineman regularly and a few others might soak up some garbage time snaps. I have to think that at this juncture, Semons falls into the latter category, but that isn't terrible news—any experience is good experience and next year the D-line depth takes a rather steep drop off (think Mariana Trench). Semons is still young and still a bit undersized for a DT (although up close to 10 lbs since last year), if he's able to get his feet wet late in blowouts (hopefully there are many), 2016 could be a big opportunity for he, and a handful of other DTs. You've got to think the younger lineman are keenly aware that the Broncos graduate 7 at season's end and that might be the motivation Semons needs to stick with the team and try to chip away at some playing time. In the meantime, it would benefit him to soak up the playbook and some knowledge from the host of upperclassmen at the position. Depth will take a hit next season, but with hard work from the youngsters, skill doesn't have to.

Is he on Twitter?

Jimmy John's is better

Completely made up fact

Semons continued weight gain has been aided by the use of Hellman's high-viscosity mayonnaise.