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Boise State's Duncan Trying Out For Aussie Team: Wake Up, Bronco Nation 6-4-15

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I'm Ba-a-a-a-ack!

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Boise State sends letter detailing the UW tickets are gone.

As a season ticket holder (jealous?!) I received this e-mail yesterday. Basically Boise State is forcing the hand of the people by only making season tickets the only economical option to see the UW game. Per Jay Tust single game tickets will not be released to the general public. At all. So either pay $150 for the UW game only, or ~$154 for a whole season's worth. That is a great deal, really.

Washington with the toughest schedule next year.

Going to be a brutal year for the former Boise State coach's sophomore season. And with an almost complete rebuilding of the defense it's going to be a long season. Remind me, again, how many first rounders they had?

Former Boise State athletes make "Mount Rushmore" list.

This is a pretty impressive list. You should notice more than one former Bronco athlete. Apparently Boise State likes Nevada people more than we like to think!

Leon Rice out of Cyclone sweepstakes

Just in case you were nervous that Leon Rice would be headed for Ames, IA. (For Twitter users a pretty comical exchange happened that also includes former Boise State coach Criner.)

Nick Duncan Trying Out For Australian National Team

Our own Nick Duncan is going Down Under to try out for inclusion on the Aussie team in order to play at the World University Games. I hope he's able to interest more Aussies in Boise State while he's down there, and possibly bring me back some Vegemite and Tim Tams.

Interview With Harsin

This is old news, but I'm linking to it anyway, since I missed it. Some interesting bits:

  • No decision on the Finley situation... probably waiting on the pretrial stuff.
  • Rick Smith expected to recover and be back by fall camp... I'm glad to hear it!
  • Chanceller James, too.
  • McNichols is solidly in the backfield instead of drawn-in-the-dirt.


Okay, I'd better explain my absence: I've been moving this last week and have been without internet until today. Boy, it feels like you're cut off from oxygen without the internet! I couldn't even look up the number of the phone service to get help setting up the internet. What's a phone book, amirite?

So this is a thing.

Bury me with my money.