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Boise State to Meet Oregon on Hardcourt: Wake Up, Bronco Nation 6-30-15

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Basketball Jones.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Boise State and Oregon Schedule Basketball Games

Oregon is not traditionally known for basketball in the Pac-12, but last year they had a breakout season, going 24-10 and making it into the second round of the NCAA Tournament. According to Rivals, they have the #15-ranked recruiting class in 2015, so they might have some young talent when they come to Taco Ballerina. I have confidence that our young (and old) talent will be formidable as well. The next two games will be played in Eugene. Should be a good series these next few years!

Also included in the article is a snippet on Derrick Marks getting picked up to play in summer league games for the Philly Sixers.

Sports Illustrated Previews MWC Basketball

I hate the fact that even though we swept Sad Niego and shared a championship and win record with them last season, we still had to play in for an 11th seed while they were given an 8th seed. Not only that, we were put up against Deighton in their home court! What gives with the NCAA sticking it to Boise State? This is almost as offensive as playing TCU in the Fiesta Bowl! They just know we'll stick it to the man if given a fair shake! (But now they know I've written this article, and they will make every effort to MAkE EveRYThinG FaIR! Hey, I didn't type that! I was going to write, "MiKE SlivE iS a HanDSOme GeNIUS, JusT LOoK at WHat tHe TOp ArTicle iS on SI! LinK!")

Boise State Center Making Most of Redshirt

Zach Haney was disappointed he didn't get to play at first, but he decided to put on weight and improve his game during the season, and now feels it paid off. at 6-foot-11, he will make a formidable presence in the paint, and extra weight and muscle can only make him better. I like his attitude!


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