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UW / Boise State tickets getting spendy: Wake Up, Bronco Nation 6-3-2015

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Tickets a hot issue.

Marco Garcia-USA TODAY Sports

Boise State-UW tickets go for big bucks on third party sites

I guess this is a sign that Boise State has "made" it? With the policy of only allowing season ticket holders get more tickets to this game in action, people are really divided. And, within that policy, there is still a priority system as to who gets what tickets and when. This is to "encourage" people to sign up for season tickets, which I don't blame the school for trying to reward considering ticket sales are down. But they are costly to begin with. Definitely a struggle.

Which college teams have the most non-alumni Facebook fans

Pretty standard here. Unfortunately they didn't do the G5 schools. But I wouldn't be surprised if the non-alumni-to-alumni was relatively high for Boise State. Doubt it would be the Texas level of 8% though.

CUSA commissioner expects UAB to stay in conference, hopes it aspires to be like Boise State

Shouldn't all G5 schools aspire to be the next Boise State (and I am in no way joking). The highlight is, conveniently, in the title of the article. If you have been following the UAB drama over the last six months it is pretty compelling stuff. I'm really glad they're getting their program back!


H/T to MAD MACGYVER for the Kung Fury clip. Go ahead. You know you want to.