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Will Boise State Win the MWC?: Wake Up, Bronco Nation 6-29-15

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Well, doy.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

MWC Champion Predictions

Jeremy Mauss from MWConnection is included in this roundtable, as well as a blogger from San Diego State (David Frerker). Of course, every fan has high hopes for their own team coming into the season, but come on... if we meet Sandy Ego in the championship game, it's going to be in Boise, and we're going to unveil our new all-body Nike "Turf-Texture" uniforms which will allow a player to lay flat and blend in seamlessly with The Blue. Rocky Long will have to up his prescription to "x-ray vision/20".

Mauss seems to think Rypien gets the start if Finley does not, but I don't think Tommy Stuart can be overlooked yet. Personally, I'm rooting for him to get the nod so Rypien can redshirt and get a little experience. Maybe this is because being a fan of Boise State, I've learned to root for the underdog; I dunno.

Also included in this article is a link to MWC players to watch. Finley and Correa get mentioned.

Who's Better? 2011 BSU or 2013 USU

Kellen Moore vs. Chuckie Keeton. I think the answer is obvious, but it's up to the fans to make the call. Cast your vote today!

Boise State Has The Defense To Win It All

I have wanted to write this headline for a while, since I still have the Sports Illustrated with this written on the cover. You know the one: Ryan Winterswyk, Brandyn Thompson, and Jeron Johnson making us all beam with pride whenever we saw it in the supermarket rack. Who would be on this year's cover? Kamalei Correa, Tanner Vallejo, and Donte Deayon? Unfortunately, Sports Illustrated isn't talking about Boise State in the playoffs this year.

Basketball Preview

This writer is pretty high on San Diego State, but I think we get enough of a nod to make it a good read. I personally can't wait to see the dynamic between Web III, Drmic, and Harwell. This is going to be a fast, athletic team!

Alabama to Play MWC "Power" in 2017

Unfortunately, that "power" is Fresno State. Regardless, I always root for a MWC team to beat an SUC team any day!


Ever seen a boat fly? I love that this was shot on VHS (proving that there were still idiots before cameraphones)! Honestly, I'm amazed nobody died!