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Boise State Lands Two New Verbals: Wake Up (From Your Afternoon Nap), Bronco Nation 6-26-15

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*Snort! Did I sleep in again?

Harrison-Ducros and Williams Commit to BSU

Old news to you Nuggies, I know, but here's a link to the Idaho Press-Tribune if you're still up for reading more about it. Both of these recruits bring our total to 10 in the 2016 class (6 in the last 8 days)!

Crockett to Visit BSU Next Month

Running back Damarea Crockett will make a trip to Boise in July to see if the school fits him. He listened to Jay Ajayi's advice to "go where he's wanted," and I think he would be wanted here on The Blue.

Basketball Center Allen Transfers

Kevin Allen is moving on to greener pastures (quite literally), and taking his basketball skills to Pratt Community College, where he will be coached by one of Leon Rice's former assistants. This frees up another scholly for us, which I hope we use well. Good luck, Kevin!


Sorry this article was so late today! I was singing at a funeral this morning, then shooting a commercial. The singing was appreciated, but the crowd went wild during my dance solo.