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LB Desmond Williams a surprise addition to Boise State's impressive recruiting week

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Two-fer Friday

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

There was so much build-up around the commitment of Reid Harrison-Ducros this morning that a few people missed the fact that Centennial (Corona, CA) linebacker Desmond Williams jumped on board just moments later. Amidst the rush to find info on RHD, Stubbs Zanelli from the Rivals network broke the news (news that preceded Coach Harsin's confirmation tweet by roughly an hour)

Of course, Harsin's GO BRONCOS tweets signal that the commitment is legitimate and therefore actionable by our small writing staff, so after a lunch of corn dogs and PopChips, I'm happy to announce the second commitment of the day.

Not a ton of info is floating around of Williams, from a little digging I've surmised he's a 6'0" 195 lb. safety/lb hybrid (can you say "nickel") with one other offer from WSU. Williams made 67 stops a year ago for Centennial, with 2 TFL, 1 FF, 2 fumble recoveries and an INT. Maybe the easiest thing to do here is just show you some film of Williams tackling people—something he seems rather proficient at.

As we well know, verbal commitments are non-binding until a letter-of-intent is signed in February, but the Broncos fantastic recruiting week has now netted them 10 verbals for the 2016 class (roughly halfway to their scholarship target, I'd guess).

Welcome aboard, Desmond.

Update: Read into this Scout article what you will, but maybe don't write Williams' name on the 2016 roster in permanent marker just yet...

"With Washington State, I'm going to stay in contact with them and other schools," Williams said. "I thought I would make this commitment to make sure I have my spot and it's safe. I hope to still get recruited."