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Boise State's Webb III on Nike Basketball Academy Invite: Wake Up, Bronco Nation 6-25-15

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Marks X the Draft?

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Webb III Talks About Invite

From The Idaho Statesman

It's an honor for him to get this invite, but for those of us who watched him play last season, we know he's got the height and athleticism to compete with anyone. P.S. After watching this video, can you guess if the cameraman is taller or shorter than Mr. 3rd Webb?

Our Own Drew Roberts on Mark Coyle

Syracuse's SBNation blog (Troy Nunes is an Absolute Magician, or TNIAAM, for short), has interviewed Drew Roberts about their new AD hire, and as usual, Drew brings the goods. Spoiler alert, though: No blog bet at the end.

Marks to Spend Draft Night Shooting Hoops

I love Derrick Marks! He's an honest-to-goodness superstar, but he doesn't act like it. Instead of sitting around nervously in front of a television, he's opting to spend the night in a gym, bettering his game. I love this line from him:

I’m pretty sure if I get drafted somebody will tell me.

Keep it here at OBNUG for info on the draft.


Did you know about this movie shot in Boise? I had never heard of it, but it will be cool to watch and recognize landmarks. Other than that, I dunno... Looks like typical college artsy stuff, but maybe it has a good story? (Unfortunately, the story looks like it will be little more than what's portrayed in the trailer. Wants to be poignant, but ultimately just meh.) Maybe someone who has seen it can fill me in.