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Apsey to be Named Boise State AD: Wake Up, Bronco Nation 6-23-15

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And the winner is...

Curt Apsey Named Mark Coyle's Replacement

Well, that was a fast hiring! I didn't even have time to update my resume to include new fibs about all the athletical and directoral stuff I've been doing these past few years! But I guess Apsey is a good fit, seeing as how he was the interim director before Coyle was hired. I hereby officially remove my name from consideration out of respect for such a qualified candidate, and heartily congratulate him. Welcome back, Mr. Apsey!

Carter Commits to BSU

Julian Carter from Arizona is adding more height to our WR corps. Most importantly, he's the 4th of the 7 commits that rejected Nevada!

Payette Pirates Might Have a Great Season

'Cause they hired BSU Hall-of-Famer Carl Keever as their head coach.

And now, a word from our very own Senior Chief:

Here are some more tidbits during this incredibly slow off-season.

Nevada’s Joker Mackay Stadium is selected best venue in the MWC by Sporting News some obscure sports "news source" out of China. Of note are its shorty goal posts and free-flowing beer, both conducive to the winning ways of Woof Pack football.

when the Wolf Pack is winning, this is a loud and tough place to play.

In response, Mackay Stadium has gone silent.

And Albertsons Stadium is ranked in the nation’s Top 15 Best Stadiums by Take that, Nasty and Inebriated fans (Southern Division)!

This was in the comments yesterday, and I couldn't write any better commentary, so I figured, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. (Also, I'm lazy.)

Thanks, SC!


I cleaned out my garage yesterday. Anyone proud? No? Okay then, here's a time-lapse video of my hometown (really well done)! If you've ever been over to this side of the state, you might recognize a few landmarks.