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Boise State Locker Room Incident Resolved: Wake Up Bronco Nation 6-22-15

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All's well that ends well.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Smith Won't Press Charges Against Fields

Ada County Deputy Prosecutor Roger Bourne says no charges will be filed against Jack Fields in the locker room incident which hospitalized teammate Rick Smith. Even though details are still hazy about specifics, the Smith family has decided not to press charges, and hopefully all will be back to normal within the next few months. I'm so glad to hear Smith has recovered and is staying with the Broncos, and I can't wait to see what he brings to The Blue this coming season.

Roh Returns

Here's an article about Jake Roh from the "Blue and Orange Bronco Sports" blog. Is it just me, or does anyone else think his nickname should be "Ruh Roh"? (As in, Scooby Wright III's reaction when Jake Roh gets a head of steam coming at him.)

Getting to Know BSU Commit Bailey

Kole Bailey has always been a fan of Boise State, and it didn't take him long to commit to The Blue, even after a trip to Eugene (where, thankfully, he didn't get punched in the face). The 6'4", 285-pound tackle from Twin Falls chose wisely, if I say so myself.

Phiil Steele Ranks BSU 23rd

This has been linked to on OBNUG before, but here's the PDF in case you missed it, or aren't planning on buying the NCAA Football preview issue.


Steven Spielberg has directed 29 movies. What would be your #1 movie? Here's someone's opinion on how they should all be ranked. (Personally, I think Temple of Doom is my favorite. Amazing adventure sequences, great cinematography, epic hero moments... but maybe this is all nostalgia talking.)