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State Board Approves Boise State Alcohol Sales, Video Board: Wake Up, Bronco Nation 6-19-15

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When a decision absolutely, positively has to be made before the weekend...

Caven-Williams Sports Complex to Sell Alcohol

We have our answer to Boise State's request to sell alcohol at Albertsons Stadium and put in a new video board at Taco Ballerina. It's a definite "maybe." (Or just, "Yes, you're Boise State and the reason Idaho universities are recognized outside of our state. Also, you bring us money.")

BSU Extends Offer to Elite 11 Quarterback

I know this is older news, but I must have missed it, and figured someone else must have, too. So here it is. Boise State is the 8th school to extend an offer to Dillon Sterling-Cole, along with Arizona State, Florida, Houston, Mississippi State, Texas A&M, UCLA and Washington. That would be pretty awesome to land him instead of one of those Privileged 5 schools, but if we don't I'll just remember another unnamed Elite 11 quarterback who left before we could tap into his true potential. (Trust me, young Mr. Sterling-Cole, Boise State will make you stronger than anyone else, which might matter when the NFL comes looking!)

The Biggest Winners & Losers of Conference Realignment

Boise State and BYU both have a spot on the losers list, and while given the shaft when it came to being picked up by a major conference, I think a case can be made for Boise State being a winner after the dust had settled. Sure, the elitists might never consider us for a playoff spot until the playoffs are extended--let's hope another Baylor/TCU snuff puts pressure on the committee to expand this year--but we have a spot in a major bowl game if we take care of business during the regular season. And there's nothing I love more than beating up a Privileged 5 team on a grand stage.

To be honest, I've always liked to hold us up as defenders of the little sisters of the poor. Until the NCAA acknowledges that every FBS conference champion deserves a shot at the title, I like us just where we are: Embarrassing schools with 10 times our resources and higher-star athletes.

"Oh, you don't have as many stars? That's too bad."

"Oh, you don't have as many stars? That's too bad."


Why are public toilet seats U-shaped? Hey, at least you have a seat, unlike the poor potty-goers of Japan.