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Boise State numerical roster countdown 2015: Day 78, Andres Preciado

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We've but 78 days until kickoff, so today we'll take a look at #78 on the Bronco roster—Andres Preciado

#78, Andres Preciado, RS Freshman, OL


Height: 6'6"

Weight: 273 lbs

High School: Mar Vista High School, Imperial Beach, CA

How'd he get to the Blue™?

Preciado was a surprise recruit in the fact that at the time of Bryan Harsin's commit-trumpeting "Go Broncos" tweet, the most common reaction was "Who?". At 6'6", you'd think that Preciado would be hard to miss, but that's exactly what most people (myself included) did. The more you investigate Preciado though, the more there is to like—even if he didn't have the stars or fanfare attached to his name. Preciado was a two-time team captain at Mar Vista and was selected first team All-CIF as a senior. As a sophomore, Andres was selected second team all-league. Not only was Preciado a force on the football field, but he was a standout basketball and baseball player at Mar Vista as well. Possibly Preciado's biggest feats were reserved for the classroom, where he was a 4.3 GPA student, class president, a Union Tribune Scholar-Athlete (both junior and senior seasons), and a four year student body finance commissioner (is this like a CPA?). Here's a nice little article about Preciado that shows just how busy an individual he was.





Young George Lopez?

Career Highlights

First team All-CIF as a senior in 2013. Union Tribune Scholar-Athlete as a senior in 2013. Union Tribune Scholar-Athlete as junior in 2012. 2nd team all-league as sophomore in 2011. Too many other academic accolades to list.

2015 Prospectus

Preciado was a bit under-the-radar as a recruit, but if you look at his prep accomplishments both off and on the field, it’s kind of hard to imagine why. Being a 3-sport athlete and shouldering the workload that Preciado did in high school only speaks to his work ethic and versatility—two traits that you love to have up front. I think Preciado looks like a classic Boise State OT…one that has footwork and athleticism to be a key asset in the run game and the long arms and tenacity that are vital to protect the QB. Boise State’s O-line returns pretty much all of their starters from 2014, but we know that Scott Huff is never satisfied and will be trying new combinations and rotations throughout the Fall and into the season. I think Preciado could definitely find himself among the tackle rotation that includes Eli McCullough, Rees Odhiambo, Jerhen Ertel, Archie Lewis and potentially Travis Averill. The Broncos have good depth along the line, but depth can be extremely fleeting and there are sure to be some injuries that occur. Looking at the roster, you have to like the current O-line landscape but also the future of the unit. It’s going to stink on ice to lose fantastic players like Odhiambo and Henry at season’s end, but some youngsters are bound to get their feet wet this season and be ready to dominate in 2016 and beyond.

Is he on Twitter?

This could be him...since the name and number sync up, or it could just be some Colombian dude that was born in '78. Either way, this account is not terribly active.

Completely made up fact

As his high school's finance commissioner, Preciado uncovered a money laundering operation taking place in the teacher's lounge. What's worse, the money wasn't being laundered properly—they didn't separate the lights, darks and delicates.