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Boise State to Install New Video Board at Taco Ballerina: Wake Up, Bronco Nation 6-17-15

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Hump Day for non-teachers

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

New Video Board to be Installed at TBA (HT Senior Chief)

Next season, the Taco Ballerina will no longer have to display all of James Web III's and Malek Harwell's highlights on a calculator watch screen. Okay, not that the board was bad to begin with, but this one will be more than twice as big, center hung with ribbon banners and four screens!

Also included in the article is the State Board of Education's budget for BSU next season ($38 million, down from $40). But take heart: The Vardals only get $14 million with which to continue their tradition of losing to spend.

Top 5 Opponents We'd Love to Play

Bronco Nation News has made a list of the top 5 opponents BSU would like to play, and I'm betting most of you will guess at least two on that list. (Hint: They rhyme with Shmohio Shmate and Shmalabama.)

Kellen Moore Gets Some Competition

Sorry, this headline is misleading. What I meant to write was, "Detroit Lions Pick Up Garret Gilbert to Fetch Water for Kellen Moore." I mean, the guy gets thirsty taking reps for the second team, right?


Marvel President Kevin Feige's classy way of congratulating Jurassic World for dethroning them as opening weekend box-office champs.