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Boise State Numerical Roster Countdown Recap: the 80s

In case you have missed our previous profiles from the 80s

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Ah the 80s. Hair bands, Mount St Helen's, the boombox, and VHS winning over Betamax. Also filled with wide receivers and tight ends!

While we love the 80s, alas, it is time to move on. But just in case you missed any of our 80s profiles, here they are in one, convenient, stop!!

Day 89: Brock Barr

Day 88: Jake Roh

Day 87: Alec Dhaenens

Aelc Dhaenens

Day 86: Chase Blakley

Day 85: Holden Huff

Day 84: Jake Hardee

Jake Hardee

Day 83: Matt Pistone

Day 82: Thomas Sperbeck


Day 81: Austin Cottrell

Day 80: DJ Dean

DJ Dean

If you feel like reliving the 90s at all.