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Boise State in Unofficial Top 16 MWC Team Finalists: Wake Up, Bronco Nation 6-15-15

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Don't photos of Kellen Moore just warm the heart?

16 Finalists in MWC History Revealed

Included in this list are the 2011, 2012, and 2014 Boise State Broncos. If this comes down to a vote, I expect a great turnout from Nuggies to pound our homerism home. (I don't think it's a stretch to call a team with the winningest quarterback in NCAA history and a high number of NFL draftees the greatest!)

Next Man Up at Wide Receiver?

Shane Larsen does a pretty good job of evaluating all the wide receivers we have. My prediction is that Chaz Anderson will be our deep threat, SWR will have the most yards-after-the-catch, and Thomas Sperbeck will be our secret weapon. He did a great job being our surrogate Matt Miller last season, so he will only get better. (IMHO, the best catch of the season was his last-second turn to catch over the shoulder. It's like he had a homing beacon on the ball or something!)

Ultimately, it will depend on if we have a quarterback who can read a weakness in the defense and expose it by throwing to the open man, whomever that may be.

Three Broncos Named All-American

Marissa Howard took 4th in steeplechase at the NCAA Track and Field finals, and was named to the first team, while Emma Bates and Tessa Murray were named to the second team. Congrats to our athletes!


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