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Boise State's Emma Bates in 10k Finals: Wake Up, Bronco Nation 6-12-15

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She. Was. Running!!!!

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Emma Bates finishes 10th in 10k Finals

Unfortunately she was not able to repeat as the NCAA national champion. Tried to take initiative and GET the lead, but ran out of gas and faded. We should all be so lucky as to run a 33:50 10k. Here is a Runner's World article from a few years ago with Emma. Good luck Emma in your future endeavors! You have represented the Broncos well and I hope your best running years are still ahead!!

More Boise State football recognition

This time it's SWR as one of CFBs most versatile players. I expect the list of CFBs most awesome players is going to be riddled with Boise State names.

Utah State Maverik Stadium naming contract considered public

The deal is for 21 years! That is...a long time. For some reason it was quite contentious. Not sure why. If the public tax payer is going to pay for USU's cost of attendance stipend for athletes, USU should PROBABLY be forthcoming as to what benefits Maverik is going to get.


It's Friday, so we're going to have some fun. (Safe for work, though will you need to turn your speakers on. Make sure they are at a reasonable level first.)