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Boise State Back to Fiesta Bowl? Wake Up, Bronco Nation 6-10-15

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Predictions are just like Soap: I'm too lazy to finish this proverb.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Early Bowl Predictions put BSU Against Oregon in Fiesta Bowl

The postseason schedule has been released, and the Associated Press predicts the Boise State Broncos will meet the Oregon Ducks in the Fiesta Bowl this year. (I thought the championship was being played in Glendale, but I'm also dumb.) This link is to an article in the Oregonian, whose readers would certainly relish an opportunity to have a rematch against BSU which does not include scheduling us in the regular season. I wonder how much success they will have without Mariota under center, but I'm sure they're wondering the same thing with us losing Hedrick.

But first, let's focus on Washington, amirite?

Rating BSU's Uniforms

BYU's blog, Vanquish the Foe, have taken up the task of rating their opponents' uniforms in the offseason. With us, they go through every variety we've used in the recent past, and then grade us according to the latest fashion model catalog (marks off for wearing all-whites after Labor Day-- er... the entire season). I'm assuming that's how they're grading us, since they suggest chiffon scarves to balance the color palette with a less opaque hue. Also, to tackle us easier.

Okay, maybe I made most of this up. But what do you think about their grades?

Martarano Playing Minor League Baseball for Chicago Cubs

On the Scott Slant, Joey Matrarano's Minor-League Training is covered, as well as how Derrick Marks is doing in trying out for the NBA. Marks reminds me a lot of Tony Parker, except less Frenchy. Someone ought to notice his ability to make plays happen and get to the hoop.

Ticket Breakdown for UW Game

Washington is allotted 3500 tickets, which if they don't purchase, go back to BSU to sell locally. Is it too early for me to line up?

Athlon Sports Names a few Broncos to All-MWC Team

This writer for KTVB takes a "peak" at the first team only. Maybe that's why he works in video?


Speaking of dadbod yesterday, here's a college football coaches calendar.