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Wake Up, Bronco Nation 5-8-15

Hair Thompson news.

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

MWC Championship Game Participants Unchanging

Craig Thompson proposed the change to the two teams with the best records to various members of the MWC and was met with "resounding silence." So-o-o-o, probably going to still be the two division winners playing in the MWC.

According to the article:

The Mountain West’s bowl pecking order this year:

• Las Vegas vs. Pac-12

• Cactus (if the Big 12 or Pac-12 doesn’t fill its contract)

• Poinsettia (vs. Army/MAC), Famous Idaho Potato (vs. MAC), Hawaii (vs. American), New Mexico (vs. C-USA). They share priority.

• Arizona (vs. C-USA)

Notes: If BYU is bowl-eligible, it will take the Las Vegas or Hawaii spot. The MW then would play in the Armed Forces Bowl (vs. Big Ten). ... The Cactus Bowl will be played at the Arizona Diamondbacks’ Chase Field in Phoenix this year. ... The Poinsettia Bowl is in San Diego.

Read more here:

Not mentioned is whichever NY6 Bowl Boise State goes to this year.

KTVB Renews its Contract with BSU

When I move to Pocatello, I'm going to see if Dish can route my network stations through Boise. I need more Boise State coverage!

BSU Golfer Ling Heading to NCAA Regionals

Congrats to her!


Remember the music video I linked to yesterday? Well, I got permission to make it public, and I just thought you might be interested to know what the artist said about it:

Holy smokes, man. This is just absolutely incredible. You and your students have done a fantastic job both in terms of quality and capturing the images and feel of the song. I'm completely floored. I seriously started to tear up the first time I watched it. Please please please tell your students how amazed I am by their hard work and how proud they should be of themselves.

What part of Idaho are you in? I'm making plans to tour again and hopefully I'll be able to come back to Boise.

Give my thanks to your students and thank you for all your hard work on the video!

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Here's a free download of the song.