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Former Boise State CB Page to CFL: Wake Up, Bronco Nation 5-28-15

Turning the Page.

Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

Cleshawn Page Signs With CFL Team

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats have signed Page to their team, joining Grant Hedrick as a potential CFL player. I don't know how popular American Football is in Canada, but I hope it's more popular than curling. (Although, give me a broom and a frozen pond, and I'll make the Olympic team.)

BSU Extends Offer to Texas Running Back

Robert Mahone of Prosper High School is being courted by Boise State, among six other schools to offer him a scholly. The other schools are:

Louisiana Lafayette, Colorado State, Houston, SMU, Missouri State and SFA.

If I were Mahone, this wouldn't be much of a decision.

Ten Bronco Teams with Perfect Academic Progress Rate

...Including the men's basketball team, proving that all athletes are not knuckleheads (even our wrestlers!). I have a pretty high APR on my credit card, so that's good too, right?


Bear cubs make the cutest wrestlers.