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Former Boise State QB Signs With CFL Team: Wake Up, Bronco Nation 5-27-15

Hedrick heading to the Great White North.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Hedrick Trying to Make CFL Team

We could potentially have two former Bronco QB's playing pro football for the Lions (although on different teams). This article is straight from the Canadians themselves! They even write words like "offence," "centre," and "eating back bacon while wearing a toque, eh." This was written way back when they had nine quarterbacks trying to fill three spots (yesterday), but that number has since dropped to seven, according to the Statesman. He will get his chance to prove his mettle starting tomorrow in a rookie minicamp.

Should College Football Adopt the NFL's PAT Rule Change?

In case you were unaware, the NFL is going to try to spice up the most boring play in football, the Point After Try. They will run this rule change for one year by moving the extra point kick back to the 15-yard line instead of the 2-yard line. A two-point conversion would stay at the 2-yard line, giving teams with unsure kickers a tough decision to make. Not me though; I always go for two on Madden. Then again, I also will run a punt block play as a blitz.

Do you like the idea of moving the kick back? It seems to me like we've had an unusually high amount of kicks blocked these past few years, but those might have just been field goal attempts. Help me out, MADMACGYVER.


American Ninja Warrior has started back up on television. Leave it to Sin City to have a mishap like this. I think they should have let the guy finish the course. (My favorite is the announcers' reactions when he hits the spider wall.)