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Boise State in the Playoffs?: Wake Up, Bronco Nation 5-22-15

Par-tay crashers, we.

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

FOX Sports Previews Boise State

A lot of info we already know (except the writer didn't know about Finley's possible suspension), but the writer points out the first four games are paramount to win in order to create the kind of buzz we need for a playoff berth. Look, it's all good and well to speculate what sort of conversations will be had if BSU goes undefeated, but we all know the final decision lies in the hands of P5 people who found a way to exclude TCU last year (who arguably were the best team in the NCAA).

Sheard Sentenced to Probation

Remember Raymond "Noggonnaplayhere" Sheard?

Women's B-ball Adds Kiwi Guard

We seem to like to recruit basketball players from the Southern hemisphere. I assume it's because gravity has less pull on them down there, since they're all upside-down. Also, news about track and field participants. 12 Broncos will go to the NCAA West Prelims in Austin.


You might know that John Ratzenberger is in every Pixar movie, but did you know he was in Empire Strikes Back? Here's some other fascinating facts about the movie. Also, another map! This time it's popular dogs by state. Which would you guess is ours (and almost everyone else's, TBH)?