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Boise State Football Gets Academic Honors: Wake Up, Bronco Nation 5-20-15

Have you been sleeping in? Kinda late to be waking up, eh?

BSU Gets Academic Recognition

For the fifth year in a row, the Boise State football team has finished in the top 10% of football teams in academics. The only other teams to accomplish this are Clemson, Duke, Northwestern, and Rutgers.


Hey, sorry this is so late and short: My 9-year-old girl broke her elbow last night and was in emergency surgery until about 1, then we found out she has to see a specialist today and go back into surgery tomorrow. The funny thing is... two years ago she broke her other arm around graduation time, and a few years before that, severely burnt her foot in May. (I guess she really hates summer.)

But here's a link to the pilot episode of The Jim Gaffigan Show!