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Dolphins get steal in Jay Ajayi in the 2015 NFL Draft

Phins in the phifth!

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Well, Jay Ajayi had to wait a lot longer than he or any of us thought he would to hear his name called, but the Miami Dolphins just gave him a call and he's going to the league. The only logical reason for Ajayi's precipitous drop (13th RB taken overall) is his knee, which must've been pretty bad, and yet he tallied 32 TDs and over 2,300 yards of offense last year, so #notsomuch? Jay will join ex-Bronco Jamar Taylor in Will Smith's favorite town and honestly has a pretty good path to playing time with just 4 RBs on the current roster ranging from "eh" to "meh". Hey, if Jay only has one season until his knee spontaneously combusts, make it a good one. Ajayi for Rookie of the Year!

Go Jay! I'm no Dolphins fan, but I sincerely hope you prove the Miami brass right and the rest of the league wrong.